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Through the years we have been committed and passionate to applying our technical competence to the goal of delivering products free from any toxicity and adverse impact on Environment and Health. We are therefore proud to report that all SOLDA’ skiwaxes are made from materials, paraffins and fluorines absolutely free from PFOA and PFOS, not only in compliance with the strictest legislation in force, but also in line with the most virtuous ecological expectations. Therefore, we declare that SOLDA SKIWAXES ARE ECO FRIENDLY.
We develop high-tech products to get maximum performance from your gear both in racing and tourism.

Federico Pellegrino becomes the World Champion 2017 at Lahti's Sprint and the Winner of the Sprint World Cup 2017 .

At the end of the race he cried with happiness. "My skiis were very fast – he said with snow in his mouth - thanks to my team that put me in the best conditions. Although we are not Russia and we do not have as much budget as Norway or Sweden, we got the target." 

cross-country skiing, World Cup 2017: Dietmar Noeckler-Federico Pellegrino for the podium in the classic technique sprint Team

ECO Products, ..in respect of the Environment


    Solid wax with positive impact on the ecological system, constituted by a mixture of beeswax and vegetable waxes.

  • ECO JET paste
    ECO JET paste

    Paste wax for cold applied, with a mixture of beeswax and vegetable wax, with a positive impact on the ecological system


    Ecological cleaner for residues of waxes, greases, adhesives and dirt in general.

Testing Partner

  • Federico Pellegrino
    Federico Pellegrino

    Campione del Mondo  "sprint"


  • Campione Italiano
    Campione Italiano


  • Fiamme Oro
    Fiamme Oro

    Testing Partner 2016-2017

  • Fornitore ufficiale squadra Norvegese
    Fornitore ufficiale squadra Norvegese


Dr. Wax - come sciolinare